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 Electricity Transmission & Distribution


The U.S. electricity transmission and distribution system is an essential component of our nation’s economic vitality.

Depending on a utility’s size and network, generally between 7-12 % of the electricity produced at the generation site is lost between the generation facilities and the end users. If these transmission and distribution system losses can be reduced, less electricity needs to be generated to meet end-use demands, which would reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

With transmission investment down, demands increasing for high-quality power, and reliability disturbances on the rise, the future for our nation’s electricity transmission and distribution system is uncertain. Improving our electricity delivery system is crucial to our nation’s economic and national security. In addition, the transmission and distribution system is vital to current electricity market restructuring efforts, bringing choice to end-use customers and the development of emerging distributed energy markets.

There are several GHG-friendly activities that can be undertaken in both transmission and distribution, and the separate topic pages for transmission and for distribution address several specific areas in each.  The Resources identified below pertain to transmission in general:

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 References, Sources, and Other Useful Data

Resources and links specific to individual topics within this section are listed separately for that topic’s web page. The Resource links shown below are more cross-cutting, and relate to power transmission and distribution in general. Additional resources are provided for the specific topic areas indicated by the link bar on the left of this page.

Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development & Climate, "Power Generation and Transmission Task Force"

The Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate brings together seven major Asia-Pacific countries – Australia, Canada, China, India, Japan, Korea, and the United States – that collectively account for more than half of the world’s economy, population, and energy use. The Partners are cooperating in an effort to address increased energy needs and the associated issues of air pollution, energy security, and climate change. An innovative public-private sector effort, the Asia-Pacific Partnership was established to achieve these objectives in ways that promote economic development, reduce poverty, and accelerate the development and deployment of cleaner, more efficient technologies. The Partnership has established eight public-private sector Task Forces, three of which –Cleaner Fossil Energy Task Force, Power Generation and Transmission Task Force, and Renewable Energy & Distributed Generation Task Force – relate specifically to the electric power sector. Potential areas for cooperation in the power sector would include the improvement of thermal efficiency of power plants, fuel switching and/or multi-firing, reform of electricity markets, loss reduction in transmission, and demand side management.

Siemens AG, "Power Transmission and Distribution"

Siemens Power Transmission and Distribution (PTD) is a world leader in the transmission and distribution field. As a supplier of innovative products, complete solutions and a wide range of services, Siemens helps customers in over 190 countries significantly boost their performance.

Transmission & Distribution World (Monthly)

Transmission & Distribution World is edited for engineers and operating professionals in the electric power industry. Feature articles are written primarily by technical editors and industry professionals in the user and manufacturer groups. Survey reports by the editors deal with industry practices and trends in specific areas. Yearly editorial content includes feature articles on electrical transmission & distribution, substations, construction, operation and maintenance, automation, and other articles pertinent to the electric power industry. Non-feature editorial covers new product reviews and industry news.

U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability

The Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability (OE) is leading Federal efforts related to several sections of the bill and is responsible for completing a number of activities and studies. The mission of this office is to lead a national effort to modernize and expand America's electric delivery system.

U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety & Health Administration, “Electrical Transmission and Distribution Construction Contractors and Trade Associations

OSHA has joined with representatives from the power transmission and distribution industry, as well as trade and labor representatives, to develop a common vision and commitment to provide employees in the electrical transmission and distribution industry (the "Industry") with a safe and healthful workplace, and to demonstrate leadership, responsibility and accountability in furthering worker health and safety. The primary goal of the Partnership is to reduce the number of fatalities, injuries, and illnesses in the Industry.

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