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Many new electrotechnologies allow the substitution of an electric process and/or electrical equipment for applications using other fuels or less efficient electric equipment. Electrotechnologies are systems and equipment using electricity to produce and process consumer goods. It can also be used in various industrial processes such as heating, drying, heat treatment and smelting.

Where the energy chain involved in electricity production results in lower total emissions than a current alternative, electrotechnologies will typically provide a net benefit to the environment. Electrotechnologies may offer, in addition, reduced investment and operating costs, improved product quality, and improved convenience of use. Current applications of electrotechnologies are primarily in the commercial and industrial sector; however, residential applications are increasing.

Utilities can influence electric end use by encouraging and supporting energy-efficient electrotechnologies, i.e., electric technologies that can substitute for other, more energy-intensive technologies, resulting in a net reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Use of a modern electrotechnology often results in superior quality products and/or services. Substituting energy-efficient electrotechnologies for fossil fuel-intensive alternatives may also reduce overall energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, depending on a utility's generation mix and the relative efficiencies of the fossil fuel technology and the substitute electrotechnology.

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 Power Partners Projects

Southern Company
has active programs for the development and demonstration of energy efficient electrotechnologies for various customer end-use applications. These will result in lower overall energy demand. One example is energy recovery ventilators: in cool weather fresh air being brought into a building is warmed by the air being exhausted; in warm weather, fresh air is cooled.

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 References, Sources, and Other Useful Data

Alabama Power, “Other Electrotechnologies: Electrode Boilers"

Electrode boilers work by passing current through the water, between electrodes. They are used in industrial applications, where large amounts of water must be converted to steam. Electrode boilers have a very quick delivery time, which makes them excellent for use in intermittent or cyclical operations. Best applications are where there are  load swings (daily, hourly, weekly), and areas with high gas prices, particularly with the demand charge.

Cheremisinoff, Nicholas P., "Electrotechnology: Industrial and Environmental Applications" (1996)

This book presents a survey of electro-technologies and their status. Principles of operation and significant applications, both current and potential are outlined, and an assessment is made wherever possible of the selected topics. The objectives of this book are two-fold: (1) to identify and describe the range of industrial and environmental applications of electro-technologies; and (2) to identify those applications that have potential for commercialization and that are likely to affect energy consumption patterns.  The author, Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff, heads the Industrial Waste Management Program to eastern Ukraine under the United States Agency for International Development.

Edison Electric Institute, “Power Companies, Developers Hold Second Conference on Internet Data Centers” (EEI Press Release, 01-Oct-2001)

Edison Electric Institute and The Electrification Council hosted a second conference to address the growth and electric infrastructure challenges of "Internet Hotels." Among the topics addressed at the conference were the investment and operational opportunities in the Internet data center market for utilities, as well as for developers, energy services and supply companies, and facility managers; the energy-saving advancements in space conditioning equipment, distributed generation and superconductors; and the regulatory policies that give incumbent utilities more flexibility to package and price services for Internet hotels, which would enable the utilities to bear more investment risk.

Emerging Technology Coordinating Council (ETCC)

The Emerging Technologies Coordinating Council is a group of representatives from the California Energy Commission, Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison, Southern California Gas, and San Diego Gas & Electric, charged with administrating California utility ratepayer funded programs for energy related research and energy efficient emerging technologies.

Industrial Technology Institute of Sri Lanka, "Electro Technology Laboratory"

The Electro Technology Centre (ETC) was formed in January 2005 by amalgamating the Instrumentation Group and Noise/Vibration service area of the Metrology Group, a part of the former Metrology and Instrumentation Division. The unit’s main task is the repair and maintenance of laboratory and industrial equipment including UV Spectrophotometers, Atomic Absorption utilities, Electronic Balance tools, Laboratory Ovens, and other measurement related equipment. The ETC also takes on the design and development of electronic product development with its area of expertise being equipment related to measurement.

Southern California Edison, “Variable Speed Drive Delivers Energy Savings in Chilled Water System"

Variable speed drives prove that energy efficiency can be a smarter way to do business. This 2-page brochure describes how VSDs can help you reduce chiller plant energy use and cost.

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